Saturday, February 25, 2012

The New York Times: A Leading Mainstream Media To Know

Infinitely many times,
Readers from all over the world
love reading The New York Times,
and they get encouraged
when their feedback is considered,
The interactive nature
has made the newspaper popular,
plus their multi-media representations
that are eloquently spectacular,
with attention paid to everyone,
Their services, expertise, and reliability
are visual and well done.

Believe it or not, please visit them for a treat, ;)

one of the most updated post from the new york times: 
PS: I love bowling, I used to go bowling a lot as a kid…

Image Credit: The New York Times

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Suzy Pen, I Admire Your Courage!

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Suzy is a brave woman,
Her beauty is beyond Heaven,
She would do everything or anything
for the people she loves,
Her dedication is outstanding
and reminds me of charming doves,
Suzy enjoys ordinary living,
The grace she shows
to her siblings,
parents, and friends
are extraordinary...
On earth, she shines,
In Heaven, God admires.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bellagio, Italy

Not a study so much as an
earthbound turret,
or a periscope detect
through the planet's omphales:
Ya-hoo, anyone there?
Googling it up are walls as sleek as a shell.
I'm poeming my way out on a spiral of wind,
Two hundreds feet down lays the lake,
Frozen Cyclopean blue;
A mirror glimmers outside the window.
An artificial pond is in the view,
Do you agree that thoughts formulate
to fit the given category?
Boxes inside boxes,
Victoria, lets loose your long smooth hair.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Choka (My Experiment With Poetry Form on Cancer)

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Choka: 5 7 5 7 5 7 5 7 7

Life could be that tough,
Good will and hard work aren't enough;
Cancer is that threat,
One feels hopeless to get that;
Overwheleming nights,
Dramatic medical fights;
Hair loss and skin blues,
Healthy people have no clues,
God bless, give them soft hues!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The issue with listening to music
is that it makes you feel
like a canon in a lake
that is full of lotus flowers,
and you are not far from Rome,
and sitting on you is a guy
named Cloudy Mozart,
you wishes hard to have his attention,
not for his music talent, but for the fact
that he doesn't know you are there,
with him, breathing life,
He only thinks of you as a tool,
and doesn't care for you that much,
You want to fail him
because you know when music stops,
you will be an individual again,
But by then, he will vanish like wind
and leave you alone, feeling lost.


How did famous movies stars trim their toenails?
I noticed that the Virgin Mary's toenails
appear nice in the paintings
of Italian Renassance,
which was a good news to brew,
because who would want to worship
someone with messy long toenails?
Perugino did not take religion seriously,
but he showed respect and affection
toward Mary by giving her
pretty toenails, oh,
Evil is too graphic to bear,
Negativity is hard to take,
whereas, charms, the beauty of toes,
would make lots of senses, to many,
Some folks truly paid attention
to their feet care,
Indeed, there are services out there.