Wednesday, February 15, 2012


How did famous movies stars trim their toenails?
I noticed that the Virgin Mary's toenails
appear nice in the paintings
of Italian Renassance,
which was a good news to brew,
because who would want to worship
someone with messy long toenails?
Perugino did not take religion seriously,
but he showed respect and affection
toward Mary by giving her
pretty toenails, oh,
Evil is too graphic to bear,
Negativity is hard to take,
whereas, charms, the beauty of toes,
would make lots of senses, to many,
Some folks truly paid attention
to their feet care,
Indeed, there are services out there.


  1. Well done, a poem with a smile. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Do you have a foot fetish? Interesting piece!

  3. Very interesting, lol. I liked it, true the perfection of the created image, especially religious icons. Cannot have them looking all snaggly.

  4. Nice nails being a runner, my toenails are not pretty :(

  5. How inspired you are to have written a poem on nails. I find that interesting and unique.Different. And, your poem is informative, too. Very nice!

  6. Aahhh...the beauty of mundane things...right here in this poem about what else but...NAILS! :)

  7. There's actually a commercial on Swedish TV on this topic at the moment... *smile* Enjoyed reading this!

  8. Not a topic you often read about... made a nice change to read it :)
    Good one.