Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Ph. D. for Ji on Mathematical Topology: OSU's First Step Walks Toward Humanity

Hohoho, life could not be better for Ji,
Because magical things happen suddenly,
To Jingle Yanqui's great amazement,
Oklahoma State University has recognized
her incredible achievement-
Totally unexpectedly,
Jingle received her Ph. D
in mathematical topology,
The mail comes so beautifully,
Jingle feels as happy as she can be:
OSU's first step walks toward humanity.


  1. way to go, my dear friend.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Glad for Jingle Yanqui, she is the best.



  2. oh, She is happily married to Jiahong,
    how divine,

    shame on those who still drop their pants and ask Jiahong to fuck them.

    I stand for justice for Ji.
    take good care.