Sunday, April 29, 2012

LanFeng Yu: An Inspiration To Ji For Advanced Studies In China and Overseas!

Ji considered going to graduate school
at Beijing Institute of Economics
after graduation, then she
became close to a graduate from
Beijing Institute of Economics, Lanfeng Yu,
who obtained a Masters' degree
and landed a Job teaching (in Japan later)...
Ji was happy to find a Job in Beijing,
Ending her desire of advanced studies

 Image Credit:, on Beijing Institute of Economics, Yu LanFeng....

Saturday, April 21, 2012


It was a dark and restless night
in the cat's mind, so
she torn the air into bits
and pieces with even breathing:
Thumpt thumpt-her master's heartbeats,
The master felt the cat's whiskers
while the writer empty her mind in silence,
soul searching.
The breathes fastened,
Scents were picked up,
The ellipsis dots were placed
so that curious readers can
be hooked to the stormy moments,
with the cat chewing a full mouth of keys.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Xiaohua (ShawnSuzy) Lu: A Tough Mind When It Comes to Concepts!

FederleJiyan (FUJIAN) Province of China..

Xiahua Lu was Jingle's Third sister
from Beijing Wuzi University,
Her older brother graduated from there,
went back to Fuzhou City, FuJian province,
then Xiaohua did the same,
Xiaohua was slim, wearing glasses, and
tough when it came to concepts.
She was close to Donghua Li and HuiJu Zhou...
Her boyfriend were from Aihui province.

Image Credit: on FederleJiyan, or Fujian, Fuzhou ...xiaohua Lu...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Iran = Iris Chang+Albert Einstein+Mary Ann +Michael Henneberry+Sheng Wu+JD Hennerry +Tom Wu

Sheng and JD would remain close friends
for good, and the mother of JD
Henneberry comes from Iran, which is
a country that worries the U. S. for
its nuclear weapon development practice,
It's hard to tell how many countries are
doing it to protect themselves or do
self defense, peace is what everyone loves.

Image Credit: Iran

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Allied With It Were All Receptacles

A poetry prompt doesn’t change what a poem is written,
The poems come with their own characters,
I read what I see,
And react on what’s shown,
The joy is a bottle of Beijing Yanjing Beer,
Turning the wonders in, unfurl them,
Until the corners in my mind round up,
I do so without predicting,
Or prejudicing, The day is wet
with spring showers, I breath the refreshed air, feeling good.