Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Allied With It Were All Receptacles

A poetry prompt doesn’t change what a poem is written,
The poems come with their own characters,
I read what I see,
And react on what’s shown,
The joy is a bottle of Beijing Yanjing Beer,
Turning the wonders in, unfurl them,
Until the corners in my mind round up,
I do so without predicting,
Or prejudicing, The day is wet
with spring showers, I breath the refreshed air, feeling good.


  1. Such a rejuvenating Read indeed!!! Loved it...
    And the way it begins...'The poems come with their own characters...' Beautiful!!!

  2. good line...."the poems come with their own characters".

  3. The best poems always come unexpected. Nicely put!

  4. Completely justed with the everything.It says read between the lines :)

    Afixxion Addixt-I wish i never knew you

  5. A modern twist on poetry with an Oriental sensibility.

  6. Nice read.. Keep going !