Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thirst and Protest

At the summit of my patience,
I summon the landslide of your naked body,
and am struck with continued dismay
at the divided figures,
This cold war lingers,
with the struggle of my tortured blood,
under the scents, the torment of my enemy,
Peace doesn't admit or confuse
the gospel of Laisses-faire,
You've become numb stealing my mountain,
My breath fastens,
with the uprooting of rocks.
Love is selfish,
I can never take you to my unit,
Why beg pity of me or all?
I feel so upset that you mistaken me, after all.


  1. someone is at the lookout doing bad deeds,

    you are unique and beautiful,
    why always wet your feet to hurt,

    a red mark will add to your record
    every time you steal from my store.

    go places,
    find your own identity and joy.

    bless you.

  2. way to go....

    someone simply thick faced, thin blooded, or ....

    whores need to be reminded and punished by the end of their sad life.....they spoil men's mind and suck people's virtues like crazy worms....

  3. shame on those who continue to

    attack, steal married men's hearts, and never give up disturbing innocent women's life...

    they are desperate and can never be educated...they believe that they are the light to others, while they
    feel miserable for being unable to
    dominate the world...

    shame on them, go to a quiet place to learn...I spit on these dirty minds, and filthy hearts.

    they make babies with good men to destroy normality... no excuses,

    sick people, you shall slap your own face to correct all the wrongs...
    stop your accusations and assumptions...