Sunday, June 3, 2012

Live Humor Images and Thoughts on Harry Potter Book Series ...

Happy Potter and the 7 Related Books are inspiring to ME,
Because in these magical tales, Harry survives the worst cases profoundly,
He is the perfect example to US all,
With infinitely insights and wit to withdraw,
Innocent souls can always prevail,
Regardless how dark and cruel circumstances intend to fail,
Harry has obtained superb power in helping others,
while learning the ropes to detect secrets of family history, including his cousin brothers,
J. K. Rowling has the most invaluable talent in fictional miserable life writing,
The entire happening from London to America appears very exciting....
Sheng reads the books starting second grade,
He introduces the miracles of Harry to Ji without hesitation...
Creativity plus humor win the parade,
Bless both the author and the characters, in great admiration.

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