Monday, July 23, 2012

Childhood Imagination and Life's Blessings

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The first glittering image comes from
a birthday party I attend, that's
when kids wear pointed paper hats,
play games and eat birthday cakes,
sometimes, they go bowling and
get party treats, including decorations
that are colorful and playful,
I like summer rain,
July is mid-summer month,
July 4th fireworks display has been
one of the special celebrations in life,
I do daydream a lot, mainly thinking of
distant places, fancy malls, and noble citizens,
my family grow orchards of fruits at our front yard,
at night time, friends gather under the star lit sky,
we kids listen to stories from adults,
eating watermelon and drinking iced tea,
I love the loneliness when everyone falls
asleep, and I see the vast space
via my bedroom window to feel the limitless in life,
and in my imaginations...people differ,
I never think about death, illness...
Bitterish emotions refuse to befriend with me,
Thus I love my simple, pure, and relaxing childhood,
and also feel inspired by differences among people,
when I later live in big city, moving
from one country to another....God bless,
I smile a lot to show my gratitude to the blessing
God has brought  forth for me...