Thursday, July 5, 2012

Household Flies (To Fathers Who Live In Darkness and More)

Nightly, they unveil their dark faces
over the fenced backyards,
With lights off, I can image
the leaves on the moody trees
murmuring their fears to morning.
And someone in the neighborhood
closing their windows, questioning:
How do they handle those tricky figures?
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  1. not all fathers are honorable.

    As a father, he shall be a role model to his sons, or daughters.

    if he only cares about his individual needs, and does things behind his wife to hurt his family,
    then he needs to be award of the consequences...

    do you want this to happen to your own mother? do you wish to have many women in your sister's marriage? do you want your daughter to marry a man who gets involved with many other women in the marriage, without feeling guilty, and feeling proud of his "achievements"?

    Think it twice, act, and disconnect with any improper relations, save pains for yourself, your loved ones...

    I feel saddened by some who continue promote extramarital relations...of course, he never truly cares about his wife, NOT really....if he does, he shall take responsibilities on all of his actions...

  2. bless you, my dear.

    powerful sentiments.