Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Saw That The Day Was White...

I saw that the day was white,
and I saw that the sea was blue,
But I never thought that hearts are red
until I was given the clue.

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  1. things come out without our expectations at times.

  2. Dear friend,
    I have to agree with that statement. It is so very true!1 Thanks for sharing your wisdom (smile).

  3. I thought this was a cool poem. It leaves itself open to interpretation, Nice work.

  4. I enjoyed this. It was...I don't know, but it kind of just touched a memory of when I was younger and just associated colors with crayons that I had to put up to my face to see, or with what I thought they looked like. I remember my mom pointing out different parts of a body at the doctor's office and telling me that colors were everywhere and I nodded and said, "I see," like I understood. Four years later I finally got some glasses and I remember crying and running around and saying, "This is blue right? Is this red?" I was so excited because I could finally see colors, but the day that I finally experienced colors was extraordinary, even though it was a bit painful.
    Every feeling has a color and every color is something to celebrate. Job well done!