Monday, August 27, 2012

The Artist

 The Artist by

Old hands or virgins,
Artists soak paints of scarlet,
white daises and viridity of tender leaves,
Their vividness in virtus
asnap with altered traditions,
The Sum-Mon of wisdom,
The helplessness
in the wisest meshwork of mind
are human of waters,
colorful emptiness,
Tom-Or-Row is a mope,
Today is a mote,
Grab a beer,
let the goat have a say, dear.

#####: PS: Art in Chinese,  yi'su
                     Artist: yi'su'jia
                     Virgin: fu'ji or wi'ji (in sounding), chu'nu (in meaning)
                     Spread: chuan'yang
                     Vivid:   chuan'sheng
                    Tradition: chuan'tong


  1. wow.

    I do admire artists.

    including you.

  2. Dear Aya,
    Your words are very deep and touching. They also represent humble talent (smile). Thank you for sharing.

  3. beautiful poetry, Aya,

    Thanks for awarding me the poetry award.

    taken it, nominated another one,

  4. this is amazing.

    Thanks for thinking of me for the poetry award.

    you rock.


    nominating you for week 72 award...


  6. award taken, thanks for the nomination and encouragements.

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