Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Poetry and Haiku (Love and Glory)


When troubles bring you down,
You may not know what to do.
Please look inside your heart,
And you shall know I love you.
You are in each thought I have,
And every breath I take.
You dominate my soul,
With every move I make.
I recall us the way we used to be,
Your smile is so remarkable to me.
What we have shared feels so right,
To say I love you, every single night.
Don’t you know that you make my days count,
I am the happiest when you are around?
It doesn’t matter what others say,
As long as I love you, day by day.
At the edge of the mountain,
I see your face in clouds,
Feeling within,
In the deepest part of my dreams,
I see you out of breath,
from the warmth of your skin.
Hold you deep within my soul,
Kiss you without control.
Take me to another dimension
So that I sense the heat of your passion.
On the wings of a rocket,
My love 4 u flies.
Soaring all the way high in the sky,
Tears well up in my eyes.
I love you,
This is true!


glory in passion
means selflessness and kindness
or peace in water.
not hunting for gain,
but fighting for innocence,
authentic glory.


  1. two piece for two prompts,

    hope that u like it.


  2. Beautiful and expressive. I love your love poem.

  3. I like these a lot. "Peace in water" is an intriguing line at the end of the first.

  4. romantic on the first one,

    stunning on the second one,

    superb talent and poetry.

  5. Wonderfully passionate and so vivid; both pieces were perfect and went so well together. I love to sit my a lake or a pond when the sun is shining on it and although it's totally still and you feel so peaceful and warm it's sparkles like diamonds when you move your head side to side. The passion of it is right beneath the surface and then someone skips a stone across its surface and for an instant you see that passion stirred up and so alive.
    That's what it was like for me to read both these pieces. The passion of water when raindrops hit it and how it enjoys being fed by the rain and later the still water replete from having fed, but looking forward to unleashing it's passion once again.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Have a blessed weekend!

  6. I sense the heat of your passion. Good one,indeed..

  7. touching on the first piece.

    beautiful haiku next.


  8. Lovely poetry and a beautiful haiku set :-)

  9. sweet on the first poem,

    wonderful haiku set.

  10. true love,
    well written haiku,

    beautiful talent and poetry.