Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Penguin and His Food (fish, not Tomatoes)

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The penguin takes a walk on the shore,
with snowy ice above frozen water to bore,
He loves brilliant jokes
along with dozens of diet cokes,
"Penguins are greater than fish",
He has fun teasing those troublesome fish,
even a sword-fish would shiver
if a penguin stands next to it at the corner,
The penguin swallows those
that float and become very weak,
He doesn't have anoy choice
when it comes to survival week by week.


  1. a fun observation, hopefully, y'all like it.

  2. your words are very descriptive and well fine tuned.

  3. vivid capture of the penguin and his fish food.

  4. Very cute and funny!! I enjoyed this very much.


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  6. loved your poetry,

    thanks for the award.

  7. Thanks for the award,

    i have done it, hopefully, it is done properly.

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