Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Christomas of UADALARAZA


Swallows in groups have been doing confused
whirl from the black grey bells,
and above the square of Fountain,
They struggle to cast spells,
Especially when the weather is
shadowy, dull, and
packed with the whispers of autumn rains,
Yaqui crouch in the woods
under the lemon slice of moon beam,
The Beijing Beer bottles
are emptied and positioned at spidery pantry,
and the followers of tomorrow scream
as they research the ghostly garage!

 autumn rain images

Sandy The Hurricane in New York, Glad It's Over! Prayers!

paper towels, handy,
Dinner dishes, how salty,
Chopsticks, so tricky.
School field trips, crowded,
House cleaning management,
Opinions divided.
Hurricane Sandy,
Powerful force to New York Area,
Good luck, everybody!
Poetry and humor,
Which one is more divine? None?
i love both, high five!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Octogenarian - 1942


Years pass by so swiftly,
Now do we catch up with youth
and keep a record of the truth?
Do you wish for peace and unity?
Peace and settlements cannot come instantly,
It has to be planned like expecting a baby.
It begins with the birth of a child,
We teach him peace while he is mild.
start today, do your own part,
Write out poetry or stories, respect art!
Follow the thinking gourd, and Jesus please,
Pray for a glorious future of unity and peace!

Friday, October 19, 2012

To Students at NU: Happy Family Time and Blessings!


So sad to hear that on September 29,
a student from NU has gone and the family is grieving,
such heart breaking event does happen in many campus,
recently one from osu died too...
bless those tender minds who are taken so early,
the day is young, early autumn,
October sun gives the earth mindful shine,
the temperature is around 70s,
very fair time of the year at south central,
Life is fragile,
students carry dreams to advanced education systems,
parents withhold hope and expectations.
busy schedules, lots of homework and notes...
Let's hope that all college students enjoy their studies,
It's family weekend at northwestern university
October 19 to October 21, I'm thinking of you,
and wishing you a happy Friday....Cheers!
Peace, and love to those who are saddened by losses!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Haiku or Hicoo On Butterfly and Harbor

 Cattleheart Butterfly

Butterflies flutter,
Sweet contact on red petals,
Silent spring music.
The sky is sunny,
Airplanes fly, high and speedy,
Wings of butterflies.
Love is a harbor,
Faith makes it more solid,
Invest your labor.
Dark greedy eyes haunt,
Seeking preys near Kay harbor,
perfect thief snapshot.

Viceroy butterfly

Image Credit: Google.com