Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Octogenarian - 1942

Years pass by so swiftly,
Now do we catch up with youth
and keep a record of the truth?
Do you wish for peace and unity?
Peace and settlements cannot come instantly,
It has to be planned like expecting a baby.
It begins with the birth of a child,
We teach him peace while he is mild.
start today, do your own part,
Write out poetry or stories, respect art!
Follow the thinking gourd, and Jesus please,
Pray for a glorious future of unity and peace!


  1. lovely Aya,

    your words sing,
    pure and musical talent.
    way to go.

  2. love and unity,

    yes, we shall work on it.

  3. love your words,

    unity and love are cool to seek.

  4. I am flowing your words closely.

    well penned.

  5. wonderful prayer of peace especially in this hot political atmosphere of our country right now.