Friday, December 28, 2012

Virgin Mary and Periods In A Woman's Life

How did famous movies stars trim their toenails?
I noticed that the Virgin Mary's toenails
appear nice in the paintings
of Italian Renaissance,
which was a good news to brew,
because who would want to worship
someone with messy long toenails?
Perugino did not take religion seriously,
but he showed respect and affection
toward Mary by giving her
pretty toenails, oh,
Evil is too graphic to bear,
Negativity is hard to take,
whereas, charms, the beauty of toes,
would make lots of senses, to many,
Some folks truly paid attention
to their feet care,
Indeed, there are services out there.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Edges of Time By Kay Ryan (Merry Christmas to All)

It is at the edges
that time shrinks,
time which had been
dense and viscous.
As amber suspending
intentions like bees
unseizes them. A
humming begins.
Apparently coming
from piles of
put-off things or
forgotten. A
racket of claims. A
glittering fan to things
completing to occur,
extraordinary and urgent
as fish when seas
retreat!, it is interesting to see these wonderful people celebrating Christmas ..Enjoy a good one...

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Absent Person

She is reported missing,
A record at the police department.
No authorities
gives her any attention.
But she is here or there,
She is alive, close to hearts that are fair.
The temperature is December 1st is 74,
and she wears T-shirt to CVS store.
At Olive Garden,
She is offered a huge bowl of salad, plus hot warm cheese sticks, too delicious to be forgotten.
At TJ max shopping center,
She is relaxed to look around, like a self employed carpenter.
She is known missing,
But people see her validate minds, living!