Friday, December 28, 2012

Virgin Mary and Periods In A Woman's Life

How did famous movies stars trim their toenails?
I noticed that the Virgin Mary's toenails
appear nice in the paintings
of Italian Renaissance,
which was a good news to brew,
because who would want to worship
someone with messy long toenails?
Perugino did not take religion seriously,
but he showed respect and affection
toward Mary by giving her
pretty toenails, oh,
Evil is too graphic to bear,
Negativity is hard to take,
whereas, charms, the beauty of toes,
would make lots of senses, to many,
Some folks truly paid attention
to their feet care,
Indeed, there are services out there.


  1. I knew that I'm too lazy to make claims or stuff, but there are folks our there assuming things, so here it goes:

    poetry = shi =ten =cross =shee(p),

    Mary =Ma Li Ya =Maria =Marya

    Virgin Mary =Sheng Mu Maria = God Mother Mariya....

    West =Xi =Shee (p)

    Hunger =Ji

    Periods =Ji =Season =Hunger, Periods also =Yue Jin

    History =Li'Shi =Lee Shee(p)

    Theory = Lee Nun

    Tom =Tang Mu

    Sheng =Victory,

    Hong =Red =Great

    Hong Kong =Xiang Gang

    Health =Jian Kong

    Identify =Jian Bie

    ...Tennisse = Tian Na Xi


  2. Moon =Yue Liang =Yue Er = Peri(od) Er, Odd=Ji,

    Cresent Moon =Yue Ya...

    blueberry =nan mei, Berry =Mei =Per=Ly =Lee

  3. Liang =2 or Liang=light =2 =Er =Mie'Er (Yan Ji) =Son =Offspring =Daughter =Children=kids =Babies =Fetus=Infants=Toddlers
    =Youngsters =Youth=Sheng=Lamb =Ox =Tom =Boys or Girls =Students (elementary and secondary) =pupils = lads = young men or women = virgins = everyone alive =lovers =human being =artists, actors, actress, educators, professors, workers, homemakers, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, grandmas, grandpas, great grandpas, great grandmas, hostess, farmers, soldiers, heroes, heroines, singers, dancers, conductors, performers, freshman, juniors, sophomore, seniors, elders, the fit ones, the sick ones, the disabled ones, the ordinary ones, the famous ones...

    Jiyan is the universe....

  4. I'm a bit confused,

    but it does make a lot of sense,

    we are humans who have limits.

    bless ya.

  5. Yan has one in it, a=an=y,

    thus yan=monday=month=January=a=an=y=i=one=moon....

  6. This is a word game someone plays to hurt those who are not in the game,

    Glad that you and I figured out most of it, or many of it.

  7. This scares me,

    Many others who connect to Ji and Yan will be in the game sharing jiyan is the core, others are lines connecting to form a web, no one can hold the world alone, but it is good to learn about that, jiyan is the reason for everything, humans and animals, plants and earth...

    best regards.

  8. wow,

    Periods =Ji =Yue Jin which connects to Mo(on), 1=y=a=an which connects to one, you are the moon or official moon my dear, jiyan!

  9. sun =yang =ri =ree, you connect to ri by rice=mi, with name Mie' Er,

    another miracle.

  10. haha,

    periods = Ji= days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, or everything that repeats.

    what a good connection for Ji.

  11. wool =wu er =yang mao =sheep's fur or hair

    wuzi =woozee =materials, way to go!

  12. Mie'Er =Mieer,

    which is a funny nickname for Ji.

  13. poetry =shi =shee=verses=lyrics=poems =Haiku, limericks, Free verses, ...=sum of poems in all poetry forms....

  14. keep it up.

    word game is a hard and powerful game,

    it's good to see how the curtain unfolds.

  15. Aya, I admire your courage,

    although word game leads us to where we are, but
    it is worthy to know:

    people could not judge by subjective assumptions,

    people could not force love to others,

    Evil will eventually fail and justice will win.

    The mighty Lord in Heaven offers us lessons and wisdom to stay on, and learn or improve...

    teaching others is hard,
    but self disciplines provide samples for others to follow.

    majority of the citizens are good ones, sin could kill, we must battle for joy, happiness, and love on behalf of our children or offspring to stand up tall and feel delightful ...

  16. It seems like you have gone very emotional.

    calm down, live your days one by one, be easy.

    It's not the end of the world, nice people are everywhere, open up, and stay worry free.

    words mislead as well, I believe that word game is fun, but it could mislead because anyone could find a word connect to the targeted word...

    bless you, Aya!

  17. when it comes to life and death, we must blame those misleading stuff.

    someone translate ry to li, but ry is not li, they did it by similar sound, which leads to some sad effects when a person named li claims ry is himself or herself, ...many such truly mislead.

    we must stick to origins, official names, yes, others can relate, relative connection does not mean equality or sameness...there is a difference between ry and li...

    so authorities can consider those connections, but may not use that as a reason for real life decisions...

    billions many named li, many named lia, liu, also, many can relate, but if name relation leads to complaining, killing, immoral actions, then it is a bad one.

  18. agree with Jingle Poetry.

    I know you did not mean to upset someone, this game could be fun if all included, it is harmful if subjective goal is included behind some biased stuff!

    I'm sure many people have y, i, a, an in their names, they all can claim Moon, it is quite stupid for a lady claiming she is the only Moon, everyone contributes some to the world, each person stands as one, we are all Moon and Sun...

  19. This world can not encourage evil, bad intentions, and false claims....

    I know people name their kids subjectively after someone else they hate but envy at the same time, they think that this helps them, NO!

    you hate the person that much, then why do you name your child after her? why do you think you can overcome her power?

    well, let the beans be beans, let the grass be grass, No more name relations!

  20. love the discussions.

    Name relations could hurt, it is true that someone use it to claim herself outstanding, hurting the ones who are out of it,

    it is good for the world to see that we can relate to one another ...not much differences if we use name to judge, without considering real life contributions.

    what did you contribute to this world, why do you think that you deserve honors, others don't? it is completely non sense to use word connection to judge, but it is a tool to help us see what it leads to...we have gone a long way, it is time to stop thinking about this.

  21. Some times, evil seems dominate our days,
    but justice will eventually win.

    Flag =Qi,

    Elephant =Xiang =Hong =Red=Great,

    what a hell of such....

  22. word games mislead or make life confusing if we play too much,

    Chicago =Zhi Jia Ge

    Hen =Mu Ji =Female Chicken,

    Fog =Wu,

    Ba = 8 =eight =Augu(st) = Ba (sic) or Ji (Ben) =El (ephant) =El (even)

    Flag =Qi,

    Catepillar =Mao Mao Chong

    Texas Long Horn where " Long =Chang " officially,

    But dragon =long officially,

    Jiang =River, with Ri=Yang =Sun, Ver connects to Verse,,,or Jiang = Jia-Ng = Ca-ng =Cang