Friday, January 18, 2013

Iowa, January....Bless Your Tomorrow!

Many winter nights,
a farmer's dreams consist of sorrow,
again and again, in flight,
He escapes narrowly while going furrow.
at times, knights come to sight,
forgetting about the hope tomorrow,
but everything is a lesson,
He always expect a refreshing season.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gains Are Losses

You are determined to win,
Gaining is your goal,
But gains are losses,
Nature has its own rules in life.
Water leaches stones,
Room temperature melts ice cubes,
The sun turns snow into mists,
Fire feeds to cook or destroy.
Days eat what nights have knitted,
Plants and meat survive us,
Ships sail to send goods,
Rivers erode as the sea recedes.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Friendly Explanation: 霁 (Ji: Qin Tian or Sunny Sky)= 雨 ( Yu or Rain) +齐(Qi, Chi or Unity , Neat)

(Yan or Color) = Product (Chan Ping) + Water (Shui) + Pages (Ye)

(Ji: Qin Tian or Sunny Sky)=   ( Yu or Rain)  +齐(Qi, Chi  or Peace, Unity , Neat, Truce)

Under the original name 'Ji',
we shall be aware that Ji
in Chinese character has two counterparts,
Which means Ji = Yu (Rain) + Qi or Chi (Unity or Neat),
In English, it refers to The Clear Sky After T-storms
or Snow-storms, the person takes such a rare
word as her name, which represents her wish:
one can always see sunshine and rainbow regardless
how dark the day becomes,
how violent the weather turns,
and (in metaphor) how dangerous the situation is!
Thus, understanding Ji as a faith and hope,
despite pressure, misfortune, or discouragements,
we know the person better via her strength
and wisdom upon her suffering,
Also, Ji can be seen as victory
after a battle of serious arguments,
Life is game,
each triumph is overwhelming
although the joyful moments can be very short,
This tells why or how "Ji" is named from the first place,
of course, taking 'Ji" the spelling,
we can find dozens of other meanings...
"Yan" originally is color,
which is formed by "product=Chan Pin", "water=Shui",
and "page=ye"...very interesting?!
to constitute the whole character.