Monday, May 27, 2013

The Rivalry of Rivalries by Sam Ashley "Is there something wrong with the tolerance of each other?"

Rivalries are an excuse for animosity to be abused.
A tradition to explain the irrational and depraved.
A justification for future insubordination
Of logical arguments by the sane.

Beasts competed with one another through physical altercations,
But we have evolved to call everyone our brother.
So why is it that we must see fighting between one another?
Why is it that we may not all show that we're lovers?
Is there something wrong with the tolerance of each other?

Whatever rationalization is created for the promotion of hatred,
Should be abolished and ashamed,
That it may show its head and become a vein for placing blame,
Is unsettling all the same.

We are all too similar, and that should not promote altercations of an individual,
Rather it should be used as a connection to the familiar.
It should be used in stride with the builder
Of peace, and a reason for all this nonsense to cease.

We have developed into adults,
and it is time to show this with amiable results.
By citing a rivalry as traditional is exactly the reason
It is sinful.
One day we may see the end of this spitefully built fence,
By breaking down the wall separating far too many of us all.
I hope it is my lifetime here, for failing to unite us,

is my deepest of fears.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Education Is everything! (May 13 -May 19, Nu, Social Justice Week: Handle IT with Flexiblility, EvaluationCan Be Both Strict (Science TESTS) and personal (Arts)) Thomas Dyer Stratton

Learn and gain education,
Be free from confusion.
Drive out every doubt,
Be happy and be stout.

More you learn, more passion
Leads you to more wisdom;
Makes you a gentleman,
Learn and gain Education.

Only true education,
Brings us to civilization,
Gives us the prosperity,
Peace, pleasure and modesty.

Education, education,
Uplift a backward Nation,
Flourish a community,
Cast, creed and humanity.

Only true education,
Drives away superstition,
Darkness, cruelty and violence.
More you learn, more you gain,
Through a perfect education.

Education, education,
Helps us to communication,
Creates our lengthy vision,
Enables to reach the mission.

Education is the success story,
Earn fame, earn glory,
Learn and gain Education,
Be a perfect gentleman.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Deserve The Best, Moms from The Universe! By Oliver Dinda Cossairt

A mother deserves her children's
full attention on Mother's Day!
Have you thought about
standing in front of the TV screen?

Happy Mother's Day
I want to thank you, Mother,
for your patience...
your encouragement...
your strength...
your generosity...
your unswerving love...
and for those six little words
that helped me through
so many trying times...
"...because I said so, that's why!"

Happy Mother's Day
I got all my good qualities
from you Mom.
Isn't it lucky you had more
than enough for both of us?

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Peace That Was Never Peace by Nikos Henschen Hardavellas


Wars, violence, and hatred
That’s what our world’s full of today
Nothing but pain and suffering
That never goes away

‘We’re in a time of peace, ’ they say
But how can that be true
With news of war on every channel
The word peace just won’t do

People are being killed
By brothers, sisters, friends
People they thought cared about them
Are forcing their life to end

This is no time of peace
There are many who can prove it
There are baby’s dying, and children
And it’s all of us who do it

Where is our peace now
It’s gone, it is deceived
Our lives are filled with the lies
Of peace that was never peace