Tuesday, July 23, 2013

~::~ Here I Lay ~::~By MegZone

Here I lay
Gaping at the stars
Wondering where they play 
In this vast expanse
Here I lay
Wondering what to do 
Should I play? 
Or work harder than I should
Here I lay 
In dungeons of fiery hell
Pondering in dismay 
Distraught, fighting my own quell
Here I lay 
In hope of a better tomorrow
Destiny led astray
Buried six feet in sorrow
Here I lay
 In shadows deep and dark
Rotting in decay
Searching for a sole faint spark
Here I lay
Incarcerated in an iron fence
In misery I flay
Questioning my very existence.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

summer can be fun by kirsty coleman


chirping robins, buddling roses
there comes the summer with
gentle showers, summer clothes
here come summer
whosh-shiver there it goes
here comes summer
with hot weather
for me and my friends
to go down the beach and
enjoy the sun
and have fun in the sea.
here comes summer with