Thursday, September 5, 2013

Looking Back, Feeling Good About Your Heartwarming Support...Thumbs Up!

A list of Awesome Public School/Institute Teachers Who Taught Sheng Wu (1998-2010)

Randall Thomson, Bryker Woods Elementary Principal,

Marion Coffee (1998-1999, Kindergarten, Bryker Woods at Austin, Texas)
Mrs. Herrin, (1999-2000), First Grade, Bryker Woods Elementary School,

Under Sue Hooper, Westwood Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Stephens, Second grade, Fall, 2000, Westwood Elementary @Stillwater, OK
Marla Ruark, Third grade, Spring, 2001, Westwood Elementary School, (Sheng skipped a grade ;))
Pat Gwin, Fourth Grade, 2001-2002, Westwood Elementary School,
Anita Holly, Fifth Grade, 2002-2003, Westwood Elementary School,

Under Steven Davis, Stillwater Middle School Principal (2003-2005)

Scott Jackson,
Trisha Jones,
Salena McCroskey,
Tracy Philp,
Denise Reust (McClurg),
Randy Robbins,
Cathy Walker,
Marian Hardin,
Becky James,
Ally Sharp,
Janet Sorenson,
Kristy VanDorm,
Judy Nelson,
Corky Smeyak,

Under Trenton Swanson, Stillwater Junior High School Principal (2005-2007)

Blake Ryan,
Darren Nelson,
Robert L. Zerbe JR.,
Walter Howell,
Scott Jackson,
Trixy Barnes,
Cynthia Gedra,
Brett Stokes,
Susan Sinderson,
Debbie Smith,

Under  Uwe Gordon, Stillwater High School Principal (2007-2010)
Burns Hargis, Oklahoma State University, (2008-2010)

Jacob Mehlhouse,
Kathi Hromas,
Simon M. Olson,
Scott Jackson,
Pamela Haines,
Jessica mills,
Eivi Deveny,
Joan McKeever,
Bill Defee,
Nedra Segall,
Debbie Short,
Sally Walklewicz,
Frank McClain,
David West,
Larry Hesler,
Debbie Dawson,
Cherie Cater,
Rose Ann Quaid,
Amy Storm...

I'm sure that sheng is grateful for the inspirations, encouragements, wisdom, and disciplines passed on to him by the above powerfully outstanding educators and teachers...keep it up.


  1. bless you all,

    it's hard to tag everyone separately, it is more difficult to find products for each one of you since there is a long list here, thus, please forgive me.

    keep it up.
    many thanks for the dedication and inspirations to all students of twenty first century...

    you rock.

  2. haha,

    recall that Sheng skipped second grade which is remarkable,

    he also took math classes such as calculas I Ii III, political science at OSU....

  3. This one is 100% detailed and exact,

    they are lucky to be teachers to Sheng, which does not mean that those who did not teach sheng is less honorable.

    anyway, thanks for the tags.
    awesome individuals to know about.

  4. good job, school teachers and administrators.