Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boston In Focus

Some people believe that I'm mean or bossy?
Am I that grumpy and fussy?

Boss is someone who is in charge of one's job,
Ston(e) is a sort of rock that can be either soft or hard,
Thus, we have a good reason to think of Boston
with siblings such as Borock, Barock, Barack, Meanrock, MiShe, Mian, or Noodles,
Crazy thoughts,correct?
Just kidding!

Let's get serious,
Boston is capital city to state Massachusetts,
It's position appears at east coast of upper north of USA,
Next to New Hampshire.

Marty Walsh,  Jacoby Ellsbury, Thomas Menino, and Deval Patrick rise,
Tao Li, William P. Leahy, and Robert A. Brown do quality works,
Sifang Zhang, Moxie Homes, Dominiks may reside there too,
Boston University Law Review is world famous,
Boston Red Sox and Yo Bus are strong and true,
Please pray for Boston marathon victims and feel divine!