Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chris Hosea, John Ashbery's Choice on Poetry

Back at Sonesta Suite, Princeton,
Look at maps, flyers, memories,
I admire the gift of SamSang camera
from Wal-Mart Super center from Nausau Park Blvd,
a gift from Justin Penter Sherwood.

Lights on, note books open,
I record things with renewed mood,
a book to read, a night to spend.

Chris Hosea,
an invited speaker om poetry,
John Ashbery's choice from Princeton Public library.

Harvard University and University of Massachusetts,
English instructor and Walt Whitman Award Winner,
Life seems Heaven to Chris Hosea on such cold Weather.

Follow up poets shine like stars,
Katy Didden, Danniel A Harris, Anjum Wasim Dar, Mario Castro, Smith Barney, James Sheehan,
Anna Evans, Adele Kenny, Skyline Spirit, Pat Mather Brown Gordon-ceton, and Joseph Longino.

65 Witherspoon street,
Sands Library Building near Hulfish road,
a place with lots of souls to give wishes.
Bless Stephanie Ponce, Frank McCormick, Mark Bryant, Liz Lempert, Dan Reicher, Elon Musk,
Chris Christie, Kathy Dong, Morgan Stanley, Jonathan Seelig, Paul Batcheller, Michael Polsky, 
Nicholas Pritzker, Steve Westly, Eric Redman, Laura Miller, Roger Strauch, John Luongo, Jerry Fiddler,
George Kaiser, Seth Waugh, Michael Froman, Angus King, Jim Roger, Vinod Khosla, David Shaw,
get on the train and dine at Princeton.

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