Friday, April 11, 2014

See Beyond Human Limits Please!

Zhen Peng
  Yaping Li
    Xian Tong
     William Kath
       Vernon Florence
         Utom Sheehan
           Tai Wu
            Sean Reynolds
              Rahm Emanuel
               Qingming Yang
                 Prem Kumar
                  Oliver Cossairt
                    Nicole Grayson
                      Liz Lempert
                       Kornel Ehmann
                        James Fujimoto
                          Isabelle Hopkins
                          Horacio Espinosa
                          Gokhan Memik
                           Frascati Joe
                            Ellen Sisley
                            Douglas Downey
                            Chang Liu
                            Bruce Wessels
                            Alan Sahakian
Geese sail high,
Cotton clouds decorate the navy blue sky,
Keep asking why?
Why shall we not invade others’ space?
Why shall we wear other persons’ shoes?
Why shall we honor those who support us?
Why shall we preserve family and search for inner peace…
26 names ring down the roll,
Each of them sparks some wisdom in us,
Sing a song of freedom and peace,
Let the sun outshine the shadow of the evil spirits.