Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Christomas of UADALARAZA
Swallows in groups have been doing confused
whirl from the black grey bells,
and above the square of Fountain,
They struggle to cast spells,
Especially when the weather is
shadowy, dull, and
packed with the whispers of autumn rains,
Yaqui crouch in the woods
under the lemon slice of moon beam,
The Beijing Beer bottles
are emptied and positioned at spidery pantry,
and the followers of tomorrow scream
as they research the ghostly garage!
 autumn rain images

the perfect poet award for week 80, thanks a lot.
for week 81 perfect poet award, i wish to nominate  Poetically Jstar
good luck.


  1. a trip, a memory,
    that's what we fuss about.
    glad to see such

  2. I have a new way of looking at Autumn now. :-) Wonderful!