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Prefecture-level city
Location of Jingmen City in Hubei and the PRC
Location of Jingmen City in Hubei and the PRC
Jingmen is located in Hubei
Location in Hubei
Coordinates: 31°03′N 112°12′E
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hubei
 • Prefecture-level city 12,404 km2 (4,789 sq mi)
Population (2012)
 • Prefecture-level city 3,023,000
 • Metro 400,000
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s) 0724
GDP 2013
 - Total CN¥120.261 billion
(US$19.43 billion)
 - Per capita CN¥37,649
 - Growth Increase 10.5%
Licence plate prefixes H
Jingmen (simplified Chinese: 荆门; traditional Chinese: 荊門; pinyin: Jīngmén) is a prefecture-level city in central Hubei province, People's Republic of China. Jingmen is within an area where cotton and oil crops are planted. The population of the prefecture is 2,873,687 (2010 population census). The urban area of Jingmen City has a population of about 400,000. Jingmen is so named as in ancient times it was the gateway to Jingzhou, one of the Nine Provinces and means literally Gateway to Jingzhou.

Administrative divisions

Jingmen municipality comprises two districts, one county-level city and two counties :

City layout

Dongbao District "downtown" is located about 3 hours away from Wuhan by bus or rail. A new train service was introduced from Jingmen to Wuhan in 2004. Jingmen is very close to many great tourist attractions such as Changban Slope of Three Kingdoms fame, the Wudang Mountains, and the Ming Tomb in Zhongxiang (a World Heritage site only an hour away). As it is located in central China, Jingmen is within easy reach of almost anywhere in the country, taking about 18 hours to either Beijing or Guangzhou by train, or two hours by train to Yichang, home of the Gezhouba Dam project and Three Gorges Dam. From here travellers can fly to many destinations.
The Dongbao District "downtown" has 3 north-south parallel roads:
  • Xiangshan Dadao - The main avenue of Jingmen City. Most governmental buildings are here. Most civil functions, including hospitals, recreational areas, hotels, and the only university in Jingmen - Jingchu University of Technology, are alongside the road.
  • Changning Dadao - All big telecommunication companies set up there branches here. Also there are many cellphone shops. The Jingmen railway station is to the north of Changning Dadao.
  • Baiyun Dadao - The inner city part of National Highway 207, and a route to the Xiangfan-Jingzhou Highway.
  • Jinxia Lu - Not a main avenue, but an important street in the city centre. Lots of small shops and schools there.
Crisscrossing these three roads are the roads Xiangshan 1st to 3rd, so by using these main arteries it is possible to go almost anywhere in Jingmen. Xiangshan 3 road leads behind the Jingmen Foreign Language school and doesn't actually provide a direct link from Xiangshan Dadao to Changning Dadao.
The main commercial area is Zhongtian Street (formerly Jiefang (Liberty) Road), a pedestrian only street, which also crisscrosses the three main roads.
Jingmen is surrounded by hills within easy reach.
Jingmen from the summit of Xiangshan hill.


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