Saturday, November 7, 2015

six word saturday, micro poetry


Six Word Snoozerday

BancFirst Loyal Card Makes Brave Flyers

 The Eye of the Beholder ~ Micro Poetry

ruby face plunges in
fabric, trim, and more colors in a pin
loose hair dangles there
the morning fog atmosphere

a feather fan
love notes in bushy weed
pale skin withdraws
eyes of a carp underline


  1. I don't fish but that sounds good. Nicely written.
    Jenny must have troubles today, but I have also a little Senryū poem for today. London speaks today, my picture is from London.

  2. I really like the sounds, colors and textures of your first stanza...

  3. Yeah. I like the imagery of your words. Loved this: "love notes in bushy weed".

  4. You definitely captured the image...lovely