Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th is remarkable for Smith: short stroy slam week 36


Wordle 232
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winter waves his hand with cold blow
a cell phone with number dialed over and over,
nobody answers the phone,
loss slap Amy on her face,
Angels dust off ashes from their forehead,
Remember another season of the year,
that is when frozen air pauses,
spring birds sing for rebirth,
children take off their thick coats,
wearing small jackets,
and a snowy rain comes without invitation
lots of trees grow leaves in lovely sheen
a bowl of tom yum soup,
a dish of radish vegetable
a pot of hot porrige
hopeful eyes grin
peaches trees bloom
cherry blossom smiles
the sky rains cats and frogs,
many more open minded walks,
the big field,
the long river,
the fresh rice plants,
the baby fat in your child's face,
everything is promising,
Jack Ma washes his hands,
Honglan Sun harvests some green peppers,
the Home of Peanuts and Cotton,
that's Pengjia Wan and Heliu Street,
a yellow kucai hua,
which reminds us of a girl growing up in poverty,
yet she educates herself,
and use colorful umbrella 
and buys bright red and white scarf,
she has leather shoes
and pretty coats,
she dreams big
and flies away
far, far away
to Finland, to Cuba,
to Seoul, and to Shaanxi
a seed can turn into a tall tree,
a small wish could change into a fancy reality,
think of Jinlong Wu and Yongshun Yan,
the Venetian, Jimei, Sands, Osage Casino...
the sky is the limit,
sow and plow today
take home a full basket of crops tomorrow,
that's what people say to small kids,
and Jiangchang citizens, Tianmen folks,
not many disagree,
yet many choose to let it be.

January 4th is remarkable for Smith
Six Word Saturday
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summer umbrella brigade... 
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  1. Happy New year Amelia, thanks for stopping by my blog

    much love...

  2. Hi Amelia,

    Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday and a Happy New Year!

  3. You covered all the memes very well today.

  4. Very well written! We are like the seasons; we have a time of growth that's green and full of energy, then comes the harsh weather that makes us feel like we can't go on, but resting through the fall and winter of our lives helps us to become strong and energetic once again and the cycle continues.
    Have a blessed 2016!