Sunday, February 14, 2016

the barn collective, barns, valentine cards

The Barn Collective.


a day of friendship
a way of expression and connection

Martha Minow maybe get upset about our posts
because she believes that she shall my princess Wilcoxin

I understand, Mr. and Mrs. Gilpin is proud of their daughter Drew,
while Mr. Harvard and Mrs. Harvard carries pride of a son Johnny

everyone voices her opinions,
a way to obtain expected satisfaction

When Chen Yan doubts his research projects,
Goce, Toni, Hanspeter, Randy, and Woolaroc give him encouragements

the day is grey with lots of opposing force,
a yell from the cell you carry does evoke many emotion

on behalf of you, me, him, them, and them,
we vote for Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, 

and we wonder, why Trump Donald likes to scream,
and why Sander Benice has heavy thoughts on illegal immigration

we do value New york city and Houston 
we do travel to Honh Kong, South Korea, Taipei, Macau, Tokyo, and Cambridge often

the barn yard is quite
the dogs all walk, with no diverging views in mind
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