Saturday, May 14, 2016

short story slam week 44

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

i hear it,
Thomas Boone Pickens promotes Tom Lee, to Norman

I read it,
Elementary teaching award goes to Randy Utt, James Dennis primary school

I agree with it,
Secondary teaching award is given to Frank Cooper, Charles Page high school

I confirm it,
Community college teaching award flies to William Caire, UCO

how about research university level teaching?
it says Garey Fox, with Skyline school lady Andrew Rains winning administration award

keynote speakers, Akhil Reed Amar, Diane Reece, Randy Baker, Audrey Schmitz,
David Sabatini, Terry Davidson, David McCullough, Henry Zarrow, Walter Heimerich,

i research it,
may 22, 2010, may 22, 2016, six years of relational experiences, under Amelia Wilson and Molly Shi

Dan Little cares,
so does David Boren and Linda Neal

Julie Cohen minds,
so does Brad Henry and Mary Fallin

Cory William and Lee Denney are cheered,
so do Mark Tauther, Winnie Tauther, and Luycien Tauther

Hans Helmerich and Torchmark Corporation,
Mark McAndrew, Jan McClaren, Patrick Maziere, Howard Barnett, Bob Burke, Marian Opala, lo

Lauren Green conducts music,
Scott Jackson, Sheng Wu, Kyle Shaw, Daniel Fijalka, Bryan Young, Audie Woodard play violin

DeAnn Davis, Leah Barby, Bobby Christensen, Jeff Greenie, Michael Joseph, wow,
Stephen James, Sherrel Jones, Don Holladay, Ken Fergeson, John Seward, they are kind

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