Monday, May 30, 2016

short story slam week 45, nu, ossm, ou, osu, washu, caltech, and warren spahn award

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 Dr. Wang and Anna ZhaoA.jpg
Anna Zhao and Frank Wang,
the proper tie and the charming wit

Bluejay, Los Angeles Sports,
At Nu every story has an arch

The Warren Spahn sports award,
a way to say yes to regular and extensive exercise

T-Mobile, the UN-Carrier,
Academic Excellence, the key to higher ground via David Boren, Kyle Dahlem, Xifan Liu

the Norman Transcript,
A news outlet, competitive to the Daily O'Colly, Stillwater

The Parents Weekly,
a strong tide enabling the flow of ossm, thanks to Joe Kingery, Sue Dick, Jim Hill, Rebecca Morris

New Castle Pacer,
showcasing fury and grace in Darla Welchel, Samantha Chappell, Carol Bennett, Judy Wang

the Moore American,
featuring Jedi training camp using the force, thanks to Alan Moore, Molly Shi, Hillary Duff,

The Border has six pages of exciting news,
Thanks to Larry Saves The Prairie cartoon, and El Jean, Chuck Reed, and Ryan Spears

Hominy News Progress
a holy thing, i enjoy Rao Chang, Austin, El Paso, San Marcos, Lone Wolf, Fu Chow, Jiu Jiang

The Frog Music At Far East Salt Lake,
A reminder of Florence, Rome, Macau, Hong Kong, Sanya, Baotou, Lan Zhou, and Sun Yat-Sen

Timid Moments of an Imperfect Past
Casinos at Las Vegas, believe in Venetian, Sands, Osage, Dyanotte, Indigo, Erin Zuo, Cojitoab,

Poetics on Mad Cat King Number IV & V,
Lucinda Middleton, Edward Patchin, Annapolis Blackehs Montuwa, Jerry Mariano Payne, Owasso

Do you have Fitbit Bar Graph image uploaded in mind?
Augustin Juan Dillard, Kit Frick, Frank Eaton, Chris Mulvane, and Patricia Burlington Francisco

back at Beijing, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Wuchang, Shenyang,
Madison, Lansing, and Minneapolis, people laugh without a worry

we keep remembering Teresa Burke, Patricia Young, James Hanligan, Yu Lanfeng, Yin Bing,
Wu Aime, Wu Aihong, Fan Min, Vina Lee, Anna Chan, Zhou Huiju, Meng Ying, Lu Xiaohua

keep it on, the morning nightingale sings poetic lyrics,
ossm, westmore high school, Wang Daxue, Peng Huibing, Li Ruibo, Rao Mingrong, Xu Xun, Yan Ji

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