Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday votes, short story slam week 51

G stands for Google robot, Guangdong Sun Yat Sen, and Guigu (Silicon Valley) technology

 Image result for google robot 

 Image result for google robot

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short story slam 51 weeks celebration, in addition to 5/2/2011---8/22/2016, five years, 3 months, 3 weeks long blogging, which means 1835 days of story brewing...thanks 

 Image result for winter street shadow

 Image result for winter street shadow

a winter street... 

 Image result for winter street shadow 

Image result for winter street shadow 

Boots town,
Shepler crown

Chicago Crownze hotel
Miko, Jerry Bona, Eloy Reyes, Henry Bellmon, they do visit there

Trimming his long hair,
Moon1 Vanessa and Moon2 Samantha spare a dare

tick toc toe
misty stem spin their fur in morning dew

live news at fox tv,
uplifting smiles spread over Mountain View

Cringing my tongue tight
I print a porch updates with Apple computer chips in its hardware

Google robot,
Guangdong Provence shenzhen city science museum items

Yu harbor park,
struggle not my cup of tea, but in winter street is for fictional Dee

Jing Ao State Jin Ao Road,
a book on Amelia Huchin paid at A. C. Embassy hotel

art of Beijing,
National opera house of Beijing, they sing dramatic stories

computer history museum has footsteps of Jiahong, Sheng, Tom, Ji, and Emily,
Cisco, Ebay, and Yahoo all vote for safety of Larry, Benji, Anne, Matilda, Samba

Marianno, Margaretta,  Laura, and Nile go to Rio2016,
we love Rhythmic Gymnastics by Melinda, Elizabeth, Biles, Simone, Gabrielle, Doughnuts,

I sit next to Cohen Art musical concert
I clap my hands in invisible waves to Ossm, Quartz Mountain, and Ken Hansen

I listen to Mozart, Bach, Yo Yo Ma, and Morton Jackson,
I agree to accept Oakwood, Westwood, Bryker Woods, Apple, Google, TechCrunch...

Meet Bogue may hope for gifts,
Fei Yang shall not feel the dark light at Owlmoon day

Yongcui Yan and Zhiyuan Yang, Marissa Mayer and Zach Bogue,
Fei Yang and Pulse Sperry, Jen Feguson and Curt Sharp, Jack Edward and Rebecca Indianapolis

Weekend frights
a flight from Stillwater rehional airport takes Joseph Wu to Dallas, and Chicago

Rick Berry, George Bush, Brad Henry, Vanessa Hudson, Sid Hudson, Jonathan Rosenberg,
Alison and Sophie Schmidt, Robert Noyce, Steve Wozniack, Steve Jobs, Sheryl Kara Sandburg,

facebook pages host walls of followers
I close my eyes, pray for a two hour truce of peace, i sleep without locking my door

Wordle 262 


 Image result for beijing museum of art
 Image result for beijing museum of art   

Image result for silicon valley 
Image result for silicon valley   
Image result for silicon valley  

Image result for silicon valley

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Monday Mellow Yellow, Friday My Town Shoot Out, and Short Story Slam week 50

a swing... 

 Image result for perched bird

Summer Lunch [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

Image result for perched bird
  Image result for perched bird    

birds fly
birds cry

birds land
birds eat

birds sit
birds feed

birdhouse hosted on a pole
birdhouse built on a tree

birdnest buds blue eggs
bird marriage tie offspring hatches

birds red
birds green

birds brown
birds blue

birds black
birds orange

lovely birds among rolling hills
beautiful thoughts jump up for joyce