Wednesday, September 14, 2016

short story slam week 53, and

short story slam week 53, how stories and text content impact our mndset and knowledge bases (Sept. 15, 2016---October 2, 2016)

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Whirligig 77 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "The Mermaids" by Marianne Boruch: spell, concept, offering, badass, whale, dolphin, murderous, whimsy, core, singing, expanse, steely

 this is about Uwera who grows up in Detroit, Michigan

when Uwera was three, her mother took her to Half Price book store,

they scan the book shelves, spotting Dr. Suess and Sesame Street series

relative to Jim Henson, when Uwera follow the voice reading her mind is filled

with innocent joy, because knowledge is root, books are source of discovery.


About a fish beauty Mermaids, the spell could be sad, the offering could be strict,

heavenly life could boring, dophins, killer whales, murderous sharks, wow,

they are far distant events, we watch the sun go down from west, we know it will rise tomorrow morning, and we never feel burdened by random seahorses, and lonely seagulls, we let go of angry waves and never yield to costy dates, a story of a sprakly fish could be blue, yet Uwera is brave enough to carry those moments of loss

and move on with unbeatable courage

human is advanced creature,

none can beat those insightful reading programs and magical performaces

so, a fish and a human could form romance, 

a fairy and a cowrd could bear a boy

a white woman and a africa lord could mate and obtain mixed blood offspring

ask Gay Washington, she is a superb woman

ask Meilin Yang, she is a lucky lady

ask Patricia Young, Meredith Blecha, Thresa Burke, Amy Tan, they are used to support different groups of civilians

we do think of Lucas and Olivia Wood, and Ari and Eric Wood, they relate due to

family roots, they lend their hands due to Shihe Liu, Aihong Wu, Jun Tu, Xin Zhao,

Tao Li, Tao Zhou, Shenglan Meng, Lao Er Kong, Biao Lin, Hounian Peng, Hongjun Han, Hongjian Gao, and Liping Suo...