Saturday, January 28, 2017

friends, relatives, and presidents, happy new year!

from the white house
to silicon valley

from Evanston
to Los Angeles

from San Jose
to Boston

many good folks gather
I find them super smart

the friends of Ji Yan
the classmates of Chuanhui Peng

the cousins and aunts or uncles of Simei Yan, Yizhi Yan,
the brother and sister of Yuer Yan, Zhongqiang Peng,

after 1909 ---1993,
after 1946---2017---present

we come to a point:
people all seek profound status and wish to further their goals so that they are good and fine

we do mention these people who shall feel confident to sit, pray, and enjoy uncle Sam
they include, not restricted to

Peng Fusheng, Yang Guoping, Yang Mi, Fan Lee, Wang Wenquan, Yu Bingyu,
Yan Yingfang, Yan Heyuan, Yan Anzhi, Yan Shezhi, Yan Taozhi, Yan Bingzhi,

maybe they are not sure of Ma Yue, Zhang Lei, He Jinyuan, Suo Feng, Ji Shengxiong,
but they must know Peng Chuanzhen, Yang Yongcai, Yang Wuzi, Peng Xianwu, Lin Zhiwu

we do love America
we do love Americans

when a person changes his or her name
they become powerful such as Anne Wojicicki, Susan Wojcincki, Stacy Sullivan, Wendy Schmidt

it turns out that all folks tie together by Yan/Wu/Yang/Gong/Kong/Peng/Fan/Zhang/Zhu/Su/Liu/Xu
we support many, but mention these and wish them a hapy new year

Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Michel Pence, Joe Biden,
John Kerry, Hilary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Timothy Sweeney, Mark Touhey, Ann Blair

Matthew Nickerson, Michelle Overman, Megan Barry, Bruce Megan, Max Barry, Sheng Wu,
Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle, Beryl Su, Nina Williams, Larry Gosney

Dennis McClurg Kenna, Taylor Kenna, Clayton Harris, Ben Olken, Eva Konomi,
Thomas Dattilo, Abbey Wood, Amelia Wilson, Tom Lee Wu, Sam Clancy, Vicker Hendrickson

we are not sure about how things work for Amerca
but we do know how things work for Brad Henry and Kimberly Henry

do speak to Mary Fallin, Todd Lamb, Morton Schapiro, Julio Ottino,
do agree with Joseph Singer, Martha Minow, Jill TRacy Biden, Ashley Biden, Hunter Biden

do invite Burns Hargis, David Ulrich, Dale Alspach, Peter Constantin, Jerry Bona over,
and appreciate Frances Cordova, Julie Cordova, James Hamos, Patrick Stein, Jerry Yang

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

short story slam week 61,

short story slam week 61, stuffed animals and childhood dreams (1/19/2017-2/5/2017)

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we can never underestimate


we are idiots

and we
can not

Panda Express

how fast
and how easy


to get stuffed
by a plate of rice,

lovely Shanghai beff
and beautiful Beijing Kungbao