Thursday, May 11, 2017

short story slam week 68

short story slam week 68, unexpected and runner up fitness, why we shall use google to maxmize our world views 


james kingfisher

Microsoft and powerpoint
words do mary popping
when Spence Dell and Jennifer Gates meet,
coming up with Al Gore Nuclear Energy and Earth Greenbishung

dark afternoon
sad Henry Gates cries for Melinda Gates
Paul Allen rest at his San FRancisco palmwood house for summer breaks,
a long horn walks by, calling Satya Dellan

Michael Arrington and Tech Crunch,
New York and Denver Utah decide to purchase Google Watch
the belt is wide and solid
the fitbit function is set to Washington D. C. time zone

at the end of my day,
I gather all cloudy weather forecasts
and tie a knot
and seal the maddness rain into Lake Michigan