Monday, June 12, 2017

short story slam week 70,

Christine Cohen, and Matthew Cohen , mother and son

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 

  scanned013.jpg   Jiahong Shen, Tom Shen, and Peter Shen, father and sons

Denise Garoppolo, a fan to her son as a football player
Jimmy Garoppolo, an award winning Illinois football player
Tony Garoppolo, a tough father for James
Sheng Wu and San Francisco, profound computer scientist

today I have lots of packages arrived
my dreams and desires received
i write down the names and locations
I sense the goodness of poetic possisions

Kelly Lam, Irvine, Texas,
Lyric Julian, Tucson, Arizona
Bookmans Blais, Releigh, North Caroline
Sam Baltimore, Kansas City, MO

Joseph Norman, Des Moies, Iowa
Cody Houston, Sacramento, California
Christine Thomas, Mustang, Oklahoma
Rick Scott, fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lilyn Fanwood, Chestnut Mountain, California
Sanchez Adsrus, Des Moines, Iowa
Merton Buriston, Austin, Texas
Mariet Nguyen, Evanston, Illinois

Julia Fehbrenbacher, CRescent, Idaho
Lily, Marieele, Matt Wood, Corvallis, Oregon
Jacqueline Masthouse, Shanghai, P. R. China
Maxine Hong Kingston, Xiamen, Fujian

  chestnut mountain bird