Wednesday, August 9, 2017

short story slam week 73

short story slam week 73
To be considerate
I look at Philip Noel and Sophia Bollag
they seem good in Paris museums
so, when i hear Frank Huang and Camellie Beredjick,
i know they climb wall of Facebook, often
a life is to be lived with satisfaction
Amanda Good and Brian Lange,
Amanda Huang and Zhikang Tan,
all past exams
when Austin, Lansing, Chicago, Denver, Seattle join in
I am forced out of my Beverly Hill home
landing on Madison, Wisconsin
my childhood is sweet
my friend include Linda Jaco, Cynthia FRancisco, Shelley Downing,
a call makes me jump
Elena Murphy and Jiamei Wu stay good in Evanston
I count my blessing
for London Emerson and Sam Firefox
never daring 
Joy Evelyn Wilson and Matt Schapiro
never quit a marriage
Bill Gates and Melinda Gates
so much
too much
when Abbey Wood and Gabe Mugroofsz mind 
the tie between Stephan and Kathleen
Good luck
William Clinton and Hilary Clinton
best wishes
Anjali Pichai and Sundar Pichai
Jerry Brown and Anne Gust
Victor Carl Page and Gloria Ann Page
Loraine Chan and Juji Gu
Yang Lan and Bruno Wu
Hu Jintao and Liu Yongqing
Bret Yang and Amy Wang
David Ullrich and Leslie Ullrich

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